15 Seconds To Fame

15 seconds. I count it out in Mississippi’s, just like grade school, 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi….etc. It takes me 15 seconds to fold a pizza box and slam a coupon sticker on the top. I stand there making piles of 25….thinking to myself at this rate I will have 240 boxes done per hour at a pay rate of about 34 cents per box. With the sound of the dishwasher slamming dirty pizza pans around until they are sufficiently clean or at least hot with the illusion of cleanliness in the background. This is the sound of a minimum wage job turning your brain to mush. I need to find a job worth working for. Its not all bad though, my diet has been converted to about 90% FREE pizza!


Greatest/Worst Idea Ever

Coming across this video on youtube reminds me of one of the most amazing and maybe even one of the dumbest things I have done in my life.

Arriving at an unnamed St. Augustine surf spot, we are greeted by one of the over abundant homeless population that reside in the warm Florida climate. I think he is drunk and he wants a ride somewhere. One of the guys I am with actually offers to give the man a ride in exchange for some cold beverage purchases. And so the rest of us sit, watch and wait for the sound of sirens. All goes well without a hitch and we head to the beach. Its about 11pm, pitch dark, not a soul in sight in stark contrast to the hundreds of surfers there only a few hours earlier. This is great.

We paddle out together and as close as possible, the 6 of us constantly wondering what is swimming beneath us. We sit so close to each other in the lineup that our boards touch. So close together that we imminently will skew each other on takeoff. There is only about 6 of us but its as if we have created our own crowd like we were wedged inside a small snow globe when we could have miles of space to ourselves….kind of ironic when your constantly trying to escape crowds and here we are trying to be as crowded and close together as possible.

Eventually I grow the balls to venture 10 feet to the left in an effort of finding my own peak. This is great. The moon is full and the sky is clear but you still need to differentiate a dark gray wave from a dark black sky. As Owen catches the first wave the moon shines his small lanky outline as he speeds down the line in a smooth fluid motion. My turn….paddle, paddle, paddle, POP, feet in place….night sight is starting to come through as I navigate the black wall in front of me, ducking down into the perfect little shack. Today im blocking out the moon, not the sun while cruising through the barrel section. Perfect lil chest high shacks with plenty of lip to crack.

In that moment all of the risk and question becomes worth it and I am immediatly reassured even today that it was in fact the best idea we have ever had…not the worst….not one person got bit by a shark…not even a nibble! To this day I have not had a more fun and beautiful surfing session. But I do not know if I would wanna be in that situation again….Everything came together perfectly and surfing is just as fickle as luck so I do not wanna risk it again.


You dont NEED to wear a tie….But I WANT to…

As I drive to school I am mildly constricted by my tight necktie that makes me feel as if a full head turn to the left would make it undone. As a result I have decided to check for traffic with quick spastic head movements to the right and left….there will be no yelling and crazy movements out of my window today. The suit itself is in all its conformity¬† a revolt against the imminent heat that the Florida sun will do battle with.¬† I can already feel the sweat beginning. So why do I get up early to add a speed bump to my fast paced life? Well I had to teach about business etiquette in Romania and the Ukraine but more importantly…I love every aspect of wearing a suit. Its conformity, its uncomfortable at times and it brings questioned looks from everyone I pass but the fact of the matter is a suit can make a crack head look like a CEO. Like a Boss.


Lady Bugs and Burger Reviews

Heading into town to finish work for international business and small object flew into my window. At first it surprised me and I was about to swat it out of the car but it turned out to be a lady bug. This lady bug was just hanging out on my steering wheel the whole ride into town then when I got there it just flew away. I think that is good luck haha.

After heading into town Caitlin and I headed over to Casa Monica to try burgers that she claimed to be amazing at a good price. In the last 3 years that I have been going past the Casa Monica I have not once stepped foot inside, my mind was full of assumptions. I cant believe this extremely expensive hotel had a cheap lunch cafe setup in the lobby. For 7 bucks I got more burger and fries than I could handle. Hours later I can still feel it dissolving in my stomach.
The burger was huge with smoked gooda cheese and a few slices of bacon on top of a mountainous plate of fries. The burger itself was satisfying and ginormous. satisfying to say the least. The sauce on top was of rivaling quality to the infamous chik fila sauce. It was as if I were eating the chick fila cow with a slew of secret casa monica sauce. I do not know if I can be converted back to chicken after a burger like that.

Verdict on the Burger

– worth the time

– surprisingly reasonable price

– bang for your buck

– But Ive had better


Historic Enough For Ya?

After 5 years of construction on the historic Bridge of Lions, the long awaited reconstruction is over. To me the most historic aspect of the bridge is the speed at which I travel over it. I watch an old man walk past my car at a speed three times that of which my car is traveling. I cant help but wonder why politicians, engineers and architects, people much smarter than I failed to look at this historic bridge, learn from its mistakes and improve upon it.

Historically speaking, the hand tools and mules of 1925 finished the original bridge in 2 years time but modern technology and 82 million dollars has resulted in a 5 year struggle over this bridge that hasnt done much as of late. It has accomplished malfunctioning lights, a slower draw bridge time and even closings only days after its grand opening. What have we gained? Lost tourism, visual appeal and congestion over the past 5 years? To me this new bridge has no extra visual appeal architecturally or historically. All I see is an item that at times can completly deter me from entering the historic district all together!

Opportunity cost is your highest available alternative usage of your time. Therefore if you are making 10 bucks an hour and you sacrifice 30 min a day to commute 5 days a week you are potentially sacrificing $1300 dollars a year in order to take in the the beautiful (*cough*) historic st. Augustine bridge at a snails pace. What history have we even preserved? Almost the entire thing was gutted and replaced with modern day parts……And the bridge is slower than the temporary bridge!

Now I am not bashing history and the preservation of it, in fact I love history and currently hold a completed history minor from Flagler College. BUT, I think the greatest and most important aspect of history is that it repeats itself. In a town so completley dedicated to history, they should be the first to realize that. People Smarter than I continue to scratch their heads over the bridge congestion. It is simple logic really, if the old bridge, the temporary bridge and the new bridge are all the same amount of lanes and the old and temporary bridges are congested then obviously the new bridge is going to be congested. Factor in population growth over the past 5 years and assume this bridge last 80 years like the last and it seems obvious that at least a 4 lane bridge would be more logical. Given the current 4 lane infratructure going in and out of the city I would think that its doable.

But people smarter than I seem to think otherwise so perhaps im missing some important detail….maybe not….think about it for a second at least.



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This is the sound of a minimum wage job turning your brain to mush.